Martha Munroe
Trainer      Speaker      Well-Being Teacher


People come to me because they want better lives, because they have big goals they want to put into action, and because it’s nice to have support and accountability when you’re starting something new.

People come to me because they want to lose weight, get in shape, stay healthy, or find motivation. These are worthy goals, but when we dig a little bit deeper, it’s always about something much bigger, much deeper, and even more valuable.

I work with people to craft lives of meaning, purpose, and alignment with the things that truly matter. And yes, this cascade can begin with exercise. I truly believe that physical well-being provides a foundation that facilitates whole-person flourishing. I help clients to uncover their goals, and create action plans that will get them there.

I first stepped into the fitness industry as a customer service rep 11 years ago, and have since worn many hats. I’ve been a bootcamp instructor, part of a physio team, worked in corporate health and wellness, taught workshops on alignment and posture, coached weightlifters, taught dance classes, as well as all manner of personal training and group fitness classes. In the past, I’ve been a dancer, a runner, a triathlete, and an adventure racer. Now, I compete in weightlifting in my spare time. My other passion is learning and continually developing my skill set. I’ve taken graduate level courses in Sports and Exercise Psychology, and am in the process of earning my Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, which is the scientific study of happiness and wellbeing.

My purpose and calling in life is to use my zest and enthusiasm for helping others along with my knowledge and experience to help others uncover their best-selves so that together we can create waves of well-being in the world around us.